2009 Football Recruiting Spotlight: Jake Baratz

Over the next weeks we will begin to break down the recruits for the 2009 Arizona Wildcats Football Program.  This was one of the most successful classes that has come to Tucson since Dick Tomey was still around.  Coach Stoops, with the help of his assistant coaches, most notably Coach Dykes, was able to pull in talent from many different areas of the country, but more importantly; able to keep talent from the state of Arizona and Tucson itself.  Let's get started with Offensive Lineman, Jake Baratz:



Name:  Jake Baratz

Position: Offensive Line

Height: 6'5"

Weight: 275

Speed: 5.2

High School: Naperville, Illinois (North)

Rivals: Two out of Five

Recruited By: Coach Bill Bedenbaugh



Jake Baratz reigns from the state of Illinois where he helped lead his Naperville North High School into the 2nd round of the playoffs.  Baratz is not the biggest offensive linemen you have ever seen, but his 6'5" frame, coupled with his 275 lb body keep him agile enough to get under the pads and heavy enough to move somebody around.  Scout.com's analysis of Baratz says the following:

He is physically impressive and with long arms and carries his weight well. Does a good job of coming out of his stance and getting into the defender with power and can be even more physical with his hands but does a very good jobe og lockig into the frame of the opponent. Plays a little high but has sound techniques and fundamentals; can base, reach and down block efffectively. Impressive in pass protection and can anchor down and stop the initial charge of the pass rusher. Does a good job of mirroring the rusher and maintaining the relationship between the defender and the quarterback. Baratz could play either guard or tackle at the next level.




Baratz is listed on the Arizona Depth Chart as playing left tackle.  The two guys in front of him are 6'8" 295 lb. Jake Julsing and 6'7" 325 lb. Phillip Garcia.  Baratz's frame does not lead me to believe that he will be a left tackle in college.  Based on the Scout.com attributes, and his frame, Baratz would be better suited to move to guard at Arizona.  Although this is not a weakness, per se, the move from tackle in high school to a guard in college requires time and experience in practice. Because Baratz did not join the Cats in the Spring, he is that far behind already.


Baratz will most likely move to the guard position where he will most likely redshirt.  The Cats boast 1 senior, 2 juniors, and a sophomore returning to the Guard position for the Fall of 2009.  With a little weight and some strength training at Arizona, look for Baratz to hit the lineup in the Fall of 2010.  Mike Garcia is our only departing senior at the guard spot after this season, meaning our interior line is going to be one hell of a group. Look for Erica Bender-Ramsay, another 2009 recruit to step into the mix as well.

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