Football for dummies

I'm just going to declare the obvious and say that Arizona Football in 2010 is done.  Quite frankly, that performance tonight was disgusting.  Clearly, we cannot beat the top tier of the PAC 10. 

Both of our losses were decisive victories for the other teams, duh. (Yes Oregon St. played lights out that night regardless of the final score).  Oregon St. along with Stanford, Oregon, and USC make up that top tier.  Arizona football reside just below that.  Need I say more?   Yes?  Then allow me to further elaborate shall I.


****NEWS FLASH****

Trevin Wade is an imposter.  YES I said it!!!

How many times do I have to watch him give up big plays before he gets benched??? permanently???  (Please don't let me die before I see this happen.  I know the Rose bowl thing will probably never happen but at least this is more realistically in the coaches control.  Grant this poor mans wish coaching staff.)

Because of his ego against Oregon St., we suffered early and often opposing team's pass completions for touchdowns or big gains - TEXTBOOK BURNS especially with regularity.  Oh do my eyes decieve me?  Deju Vu?? on the first Stanford touchdown as well - idenitical reciever patterns - was he hurt on that play too? 

Come On People.  He admitted it himself, he STOPPED working hard for THIS PROGRAM.  He has integrity.  Good for him.  But he took days off because HIS success on the field made him feel entitled.  2008, 2009 SUCCESS! 

And don't even say a word about Iowa right now.  Practically every time Wade has capitolized on big plays (his whole college career) he's seemingly at the right spot at the right time while simultaneously being out of defensive position in relation to the wide receiver.  I'd be so bold as to say that it is for this very reason he has as many interceptions as he does now - because opposing quarterbacks can't anticipate or prepare for something that's not coached to them in practice - basically an idiot in the backfield wandering aimlessly.  Yes, I'm saying it was pure dumb luck it what it is.  Pretty much.  Ok, of all the INTs I've ever seen him make, not one, was due to him getting a good jump on a receiver.  Isn't that what good cornerbacks do?  Isn't that how they normally get their picks???  I've never seen him get his that way.  He's always just running around back there and sneaks one.

And what kind of cushion are you suppose to be giving these guys anyway??  He's like ten yards away? Why??

Go be entitled on the bench Wade, at least you can't help us lose football games there. 

And was it just me or did that first unblocked hit on Foles cause him to completely abandon his game/poise/composure and ultimately thereafter cause him to release most if not all of his throws earlier than he normally does ;therefore, causing an inordinate amount of unusally dropped balls by reliable recievers?  Did anyone else notice that??? 

That hit stayed in the FRONT of his head umm only the entire game.  I wonder how healed that dislocated knee really is.  I sure hope third stringer Bernie's at least getting some good reps....  And what's the ETA on that one mobile-in-and-out-of the pocket-while making decent-passes-guy? (when he's not hurt).

WE could have used him.  Sooner than later.  Foles is not foles right now.  Nor is he fully healed.  Magic is not real.  He needs time. 

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