Well, where do the Wildcats go from here?

I am feeling a bit deflated today after last night's Duel in the Desert. It was a without a doubt a frustrating stomach churning game.  As the football team awaits which bowl game it will receive; I am left to ponder the future of the program as we enter the new Pac 12.

Personnel Losses (seniors) including part time starters: 

Offense: RB Nick Grigsby, C Colin Baxter, T Adam Grant & Phillip Garcia, G Conan Amituanai & Jovon Hayes T Jack Julsing, TE A..J. Simmons, WR/KR Travis Cobb.

Defense: DE Ricky Elmore, Brooks Reed & D'Aundre Reed, DT Lolomana Mikaele, S Joe Perkins & Anthony Wilcox & CB Marcus Benjamin & Mike Turner

Special Teams: P Keenyn Crier


Here are the players who logged significant minutes who are expected to return next season:


QB Nick Foles & Matt Scott

RB Keola Antolin, Greg Nwoko

HB/FB Taimi Tutogi 

WR Juron Criner, Dave Douglas, Dave Roberts, Terrence Miller, Richard Morrison & William "Bug" Wright

OL Vaughn Dotsy


DL Justin Washington, Willie Mobley, Jowyn Ward, Sione Tuihalamaka

DE Mohammed Usman, Apaiata Tuihalamaka

LB Jake Fischer, Derek Earls, Paul Vassallo

CB Trevin Wade, Robert Golden, Shaquille Richardson, Jonathan McKnight

S Adam Hall & Marquis Flowers

Special Teams: K Alex Zendejas & John Bonano LS Chase Gorman


So there will be alot of key personnel to replace next season, especially on the offensive line.  The OL could be completely new especially if Vaughn Dotsy does not return from his back injury.

The candidates: 

C Kyle Quinn, OL Carter Lees, Chris Putton, Jake Baratz, Eric Bender-Ramsay,

T Mickey Baucus, Trace Biskin, Shane Zink, Fabbians Ebbele

TE Jack Baucus

This group will be very young (redshirt freshmen)and the coaching staff will have the crucial practice time prior to the bowl game and of course spring practice.  I would like to see the incoming group be a little nastier when it comes to running the football.

Next the Defense will be solid with linebackers and cornerback returning.  Safety Adam Hall & Marquis Flowers should be ready to step up  The D Line will need the most work with loss of Defensive Ends Ricky Elmore, Brooks Reed & D'Aundre Reed.

The last thing to ponder is the coaching.  Will Coach Stoops stay with the co-coordinators on offense and defense? It seemed to have some moderate success but there has been some outspoken opinions on the local sports talk radio here in Tucson. 

My complaint about the play calling on offense is that we seemed too predictable. The bubble screens and the short pass routes and it seemed that every opponent seemed to know that the ball was going to go to Juron Criner or Dave Douglas. 

My complaint with the defense was with zone defense and the cornerback play. It seemed that there was too much cushion given to the receivers and it seemed that teams feasted on us.  Iowa, Stanford, Oregon State come to mind.

Well I just wanted to know if anyone has their takes on the furture of Arizona Football?  I would enjoy hearing what the fans and pundits have to say.

All comments, fanposts, and fanshots are the views of the reader-authors who create them.

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