Teasers for Tuition: ADS writers pick the Pac-10

The law of averages decided to rear its ugly head last week, resulting in an unimpressive (if typical) 4-7 record against the spread.  We let our earnings from the first week ride, and fell flat on our face.  Wagering!  You know what they say, have a rough week, double up the next week. Or, something like that. 

This week, fellow ADS contributors joenewby4040 and uofafanatic will be joining in on the fun.  Click on the jump for our picks, and let us know how bad we are at gambling.

USC @ WSU (+22)

Smooty: USC (-22)

joenewby4040: WSU (+22)

uofafanatic:WSU (+22)

Stanford @ Notre Dame (+4.5)

Smooty: Stanford (-4.5)

joenewby4040:  Stanford (-4.5)

uofafanatic: Stanford (-4.5)

UCLA @ Texas (-16)

Smooty:  Texas (-16)

joenewby4040:  UCLA (+16)

uofafanatic: Texas (-16)

Oregon State @ Boise State (-17.5)

Smooty:  Oregon State (+17.5)

joenewby4040:  Oregon State (+17.5)

uofafanatic: Oregon State (+17.5)

Cal @ Arizona (-6.5)

Smooty:  Arizona (-6.5)

joenewby4040:  Arizona (-6.5)

uofafanatic:  Arizona (-6.5)

Oregon @ ASU (+11.5)

Smooty: Oregon (-11.5), and your Lukewarm Lock of the Week.

joenewby4040:  Oregon (-11.5)

uofafanatic:  ASU (+11.5)

Alabama @ Arkansas (+7) - The SEC "Big Game" That Won't Be Game of the Week

Smooty: Alabama (-7)

joenewby4040:  Arkansas (+7)

uofafanatic: Alabama (-7)

Temple @ Penn State (-14) - The Big Ten Blech Game of the Week

Smooty:  Penn State (-14)

joenewby4040:  Penn State (-14)

uofafanatic: Penn State (-14)

NC State @ Georgia Tech (-8) - The Triple-Option vs. The Minor League Baseball Player

Smooty:  NC State (+8)

joenewby4040:  Georgia Tech (-8)

uofafanatic: Georgia Tech (-8)

South Carolina @ Auburn (-3) - What Will End Up Being the Best SEC Game of the Week

Smooty:  Auburn (-3)

joenewby4040:  South Carolina (+3.5)

uofafanatic: South Carolina (+3.5)

Teaser of the Week - Oregon teased to (-5.5) with Alabama teased to (-1)

All in all, four games were unanimous staff picks (Stanford, Arizona, Oregon State and Penn State).  What does that mean?  I have no clue.  I just thought it was interesting.  The most interesting line of the week, to me, was Oregon only giving 11.5 points to ASU.  I know ASU's defense played Wisconsin tough, but the day Wisconsin's offense is compared to Oregon's offense, is the day I cheer for Sparky (not happening).  Oregon has been downright toying with teams thus far.  The Ducks have been cruising in second gear, just waiting to drop the hammer.  ASU has not seen an offense like Oregon's.  Hell, they struggled against Northern Arizona at home. I think ASU puts up a fight behind the home crowd in the 1st half, but like in Neyland, the Ducks will take it to another level in the 2nd, and win by more than two touchdowns.

Also, doesn't this feel about like the right time of year for Oregon State to start playing football?  Boise State is good, and the blue turf is an (annoying) advantage, plus a visual assault to the eyeballs in HD.  However, the Beavers are still loaded with offensive weapons that the Broncos have yet to see this year.  Oregon State likely will not win, but they could flirt with the upset in Boise.

Smooty Last Week: 4-7-0

Smooty Season record: 10-9-0

Teaser of the Week: 0-2

Lukewarm Lock of the Week: 2-0-0

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