The Sports Ticket Revolt

A Revolution Coming

    You've heard the phrase "America's past time" before. If you haven't, there is another issue at hand we need to address. The first thought that probably immediately crosses your mind is sports. More specifically, baseball. But not for you die hard football fans out there. Oh no! "American football is America's TRUE past time and is the only CORRECT form of football," you say to yourself. Sports is a form of patriotism and a way to show your pride in where you're from. For some it's simply an outlet to channel your aggression or gambling habits. Regardless of why YOU love sports, us fans all encounter the same problem-the staggering prices of tickets. We are forced to watch our favorite teams on television because getting to the game is becoming all the more impossible, especially with the turmoil of the economy. Nor can some of us afford the premium cable packages that include a gazillion sports channels. Though we still jump off the couch and bump chests with our buddies when our team scores, nothing can quite beat the experience of seating in a sea of fellow fans waving foam fingers and trash talking to opposing teams-of course you can trash talk from your couch but people look at you crazy when you talk to your TV. Well a new era has arrived. No longer do we have to live vicariously through our friends that DO manage to make it to the game. No longer do we have to say, "I wish I was there." My Ticket Cents is an online ticket website that has revolutionized the way fans can buy ticket to see their favorite teams in action.


    My Ticket Cents (or MTC as the kids are calling it) auctions off tickets for a multitude of sporting events. They currently offer tickets to NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB games during their respective seasons with the plans to expand soon to NCAA, Nascar, WNBA, AFL, and other sports leagues. This is not your typical eBay or Stub Hub. MTC is a penny auction website. Basically what that means is, MOST auctions start at $0 (like a normal auction) but each bid placed increases the sale price of the item by only $0.01. Playing on our love of sports and game-like events, there are a variety of auction types. Some auctions start at retail value and DECREASE the price with every bid placed while others have a fixed price that does not increase nor decrease with each bid. They way to win an auction is like any other auction-be the last bidder when the time runs out. But this is the fun part! Every time a bid is placed, the timer on the auction ADDS an additional 4-15 seconds leaving enough time for another bidder to determine whether or not they want to bid. I've found this site to be exhilarating to say the least, playing on my pathological need to win. I hardly leave my computer to use the bathroom because I have less than a minute before someone can outbid me.

"What's the Catch?"

    The best part is, the tickets for these games are selling at ridiculously low prices! Some tickets have sold for $6, $3, and even $1 for a pair of two! All auctions offer pairs of tickets which is great. Buying tickets the traditional method with prices at $100+ a pop made me think twice about taking my friend (no offense). To bid on auctions you must purchase a bundle of bids at a price as low as $0.37 per bid. "Ah hah! There's finally the catch," I thought to myself. Skeptical at first I decided to sign up because they offer a risk free trail. You can explore the site for free, sign up for free, and bid on a few items for free. When you register they give you 10 free bids. If you refer people, report bugs, submit testimonials, or do related activities they reward you more FREE bids.

My Experience

    So after doing the risk free registration, I decided to use my 10 free bids to bid on  the Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks football game. Needless to say I didn't win. I know what you're thinking, "Then this whole post was a waste of both our time." Not true! Like I said, I found the site exhilarating and I was hooked. I couldn't give up so I decided to purchase a pack of bids. I purchased the Starter bid pack which offers 25 bids for $14.25, the minimum. I ended up winning 150 bids where the final sale price of the auction was $1.34. I only used 10 additional bids to win that item so I had 15 bids left over. That particular auction didn't include any shipping fees so I pretty much only spent $15.59 for 165 bids. That was a pretty cool experience so I decided to submit a testimonial about it (my username is kaiser0soze). For that I received 15 additional free bids. So with my new 180 bids, I decided to use those on tickets to the Phoenix Suns vs Portland Trail Blazers game. I used 77 of those bids using a bid butler and won the auction at $2.37 plus $10 for shipping and other fees. In total I spent $27.96 on My Ticket Cents. I participated in 3 auctions (2 sports and 1 bid package auction). I used a total of  97 bids to win 2 auctions. I have 103 bids left over for more winning.

The Benefits

    That shows you the potential of this website. You may spend $35 on bids and an additional $15 (including fees) here and there if you win an auction making your total about $50 but you save HUNDREDS of dollars in the long run. The two Suns tickets I won were retailed at $250 so I saved just about $225 and still have bids left over which could add to my savings. You may not win every auction but it's still worth giving it a try. They offer plenty of promos, coupons, and holiday specials to get bids for cheap as well as giving you the opportunity to refer friends, submit testimonials, report bugs, and do other activities to get bids for FREE. There is no risk involved to try it out. So now you're thinking, "Why spread the word if it decreases your chance of winning." That may be true so I'll have to admit my intentions aren't entirely to spread the revolution but to earn more free bids for spreading the word :)

Final Thoughts

    All joking aside, I think this is a really cool website and I want to inform people about it because I think it offers a really innovative approach to buy tickets to sporting events. We all know tickets are just too expensive, especially for two! I will continue to tell my friends about it because I believe in their mission. Give it a try today. I would also really appreciate it if you referred to kaiser0soze on the registration form as the person who referred you or simply go to follow this link

Long live the revolution!
- Mark aka kaiser0soze

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