3 reasons you should worry over Sean Miller's curiosity of Maryland gig

LAS VEGAS - NOVEMBER 26: Head coach Sean Miller of the Arizona Wildcats watches his team take on the Santa Clara Broncos during the third round of the Las Vegas Invitational at The Orleans Arena November 26 2010 in Las Vegas Nevada. Arizona won 82-59. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Apparently these reports of Arizona head coach Sean Miller leaving after two years in Tucson for the Maryland Terrapin vacancy could have some legs. Multiple media outlets are saying that Miller and Maryland AD Kevin Anderson are scheduled to meet in the near future.

Paul Biancardi of ESPN even Tweeted around 8:40 Friday night that a source told him Miller was on a private jet to Maryland.

Here's the deal: Rumors are rumors, and like the whole Derrick Williams decision to enter the NBA, Miller is a human being; for you die-hard Arizona fans, he's not a scheming head coach, and for you overly-positive thinkers, there ARE other jobs that are up there with Arizona in the NCAA hoops world.

Maryland is one of those. Why would he leave? Here's a couple reasons.


Home base

Think about it. Miller knows the recruiting circuit pretty well in the New York area. He brought in Momo Jones, scooping him out of the hands of Virginia Tech, among other ACC and Big East schools, and also Kevin Parrom. This upcoming year, he's pulled in Sidiki Johnson, another New York native.

According to the Baltimore Sun, everyone and their mothers thinks he will absolutely kill it in recruiting if he moves to Maryland and takes over for Gary Williams. 



A few months ago during a press conference, I attended a press conference where the Arizona Daily Star's Greg Hansen asked Miller about the lack of basketball culture and talent in the youth ranks. 

As you may or may not know, Tucson, despite being one of the 40 largest metro areas in the nation, isn't even close to being a hoops haven. Why's that matter?

Miller's kids play basketball. That might sound silly, but it goes beyond that. Now, this is coming from a college kid. I love going to the UA, but realistically, that's what this town is; a college town. 

Is it the perfect place for raising a family? Does Miller enjoy the few off-days he takes enough to stick around? Hard to say. But this might be the biggest factor in this supposed decision he'll make.


Let's face it -- the Pacific 12 Conference doesn't exactly have the same reputation as the ACC. Miller's as competitive a coach as there is, and the opportunity to fight with Roy Williams and Mike Krzyzewski multiple times per year is surely a draw.

And if he has the ability, which many might think he does, to unseat Duke and North Carolina as top dogs in the ACC, that can only add fuel to his fire.

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