Pac-12 Predictions, Week 1: College Football Is Back

July 24, 2012; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Arizona Wildcats head coach Rich Rodriguez answers media questions during PAC-12 Media Day at Universal Studios Hollywood. Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-US PRESSWIRE

I hope everyone is as excited as I am right now. Finally the day has come. No longer do we have to sit around on the weekend wondering what 10 year old movie on TV we should watch to pass the time. Finally we have our passion back, college football is back.

This year I am going to be giving my predictions for all the games. After the jump I will give a short reason why I believe the games are going to end the way they are (with my own little style), and please feel free to add your own predictions.

Thursday's Games:

-N. Colorado vs Utah WINNER: Utah 35-10

Utah is a dark horse this year, and easily should put away this N. Colorado team.


I do think UCLA will be better this year, but I don't expect a whole lot from them. But come on, it's Rice they are playing.

-WSU vs BYU WINNER: WSU 100-99

WSU is one of the few teams I'm really excited to see this year. I want to see what the pirate can do with them. They will score a ton this year, but they will give up a ton as well. This would be an upset for sure, but I have a gut feeling they may pull it off. If this was at WSU's home field I would say they win for sure, but being away it may make the difference.

-N. Arizona vs ASU WINNER: ASU 32-14

It pains me to pick ASU. I'm just trying to remember it's PAC-12 so if ASU wins it makes it look better when we beat them later.

Friday's Games:

-San Jose ST vs Stanford WINNER: Stanford 21-17

There is no way this game should be this close, but I think Stanford is going to have a bit of a Luck hangover.

Saturday's Games:

-Nevada vs Cal WINNER: Cal 42-21

I am looking forward to seeing if Maynard has progressed as a QB and if him and his brother can continue to put up big stats for Cal.

-Colorado St. vs Colorado WINNER: A Colorado team

I could see either team winning this. I know Colorado was bad last year, but they had some bright spots towardthe end of the year. If I had to pick I will pick Colorado and be a homer from the Pac.

-Hawaii vs USC WINNER: USC 50-21

You have to love USC's offense. For anyone that likes watching pro style, this should be as pro as it gets.

-Toledo vs Arizona WINNER: Arizona 38-21

Cats take it to Toledo early and give up a few late points. Can't wait to see us in RichRod's new offense.

-San Diego St. vs UW WINNER: UW 42-14

I freaking loved watching Price last year with two hurt knees, so I can't wait to see him healthy. If the Dawgs defense can get it in line, they could really give UO a run for its money up north.

-Arkansas St. vs UO WINNER: Freaking Nobody

I'll be honest. I really enjoy watching the Ducks play their style. However, I live up in the Northwest surrounded by Duck fans, and they are by FAR the most annoying fans in the nation. For that reason, I can not stand them winning, since the more they win the more annoying the fans get.

-Nicholls St. vs OSU POSTPONED: lets just hope everyone's okay down south.

Well there you have it everyone. What a shocker, in week 1 I have all Pac-12 teams winning. If i had to choose anyone to lose, it would be WSU or Colorado, but lets just cheer for the Pac-12 and hope we have a great opening weekend.

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