Football Week 7 Predictions and Preview

Kevin Casey

A weekly look at the upcoming College football weekend

Welcome back everyone for another great week of action.  Last week we had a week off to take our time and prepare for USC.  I am excited that all eyes will be on this game tonight, and we can spend the rest of the weekend enjoying football after our impressive win. As far as predicting wins goes I am currently sitting at 37-9, so lets hope that can keep up as well.


Arizona vs USC 10:30pm ET Kick off. I really wish they would have waited another game to fire Kiffin. With him gone, and a week off I am worried that USC might rally around that and put up their best performance of the year. My head tells me that USC has a strong defense (not paying attention to the ASU fluke) and we will struggle to move the ball, however, I am going with the big road win for our team. Arizona 28 USC 24


Oregon (2) vs Washington (16) 4:00pm ET Kickoff (GAME OF THE WEEK). Washington has shown to be a very strong team this year, but will it be enough against the ducks? To me the ducks have been the most impressive team in the country so far this year, and I don't see that changing. Washington at home will give them a great road test, but in the end too much offense. Oregon 42 Washington 28

Stanford (5) vs Utah 6:00pm ET Kick off. Utah has been pretty difficult at home this year staying close with teams, but in the end have struggled to get the big wins. Stanford is solid all around and should win this by a touchdown or two. Stanford 27 Utah 20

Colorado vs ASU 10:00pm ET Kick off. Is there really any way Colorado goes into ASU at beats them? Sorry, not this year. Colorado 14 ASU 31

Cal vs UCLA (11) 10:30pm ET Kick off. UCLA has had a very strong year so far this year, but has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part. Cal has been horrible, just horrible. No way I can pick against UCLA at home in this game. Cal 10 UCLA 35

Oregon St. vs WSU 10:30pm ET Kick off. This game actually should be a close one. Mannion has been very good this year going 21 TD's compared to 2 INT's. After that first bad loss Oregon St. has found their footing. WSU is much better this year than last (not sure that's a huge compliment considering what they were last year), but it won't be enough in this game. Oregon St. 38 WSU 21

Good luck to everyone, and enjoy the weekend.

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