Arizona Football: News and notes from Wildcats practice

Arizona Wildcats QB Jesse Scroggins completes a pass to Trey Griffey - Jason Bartel

Jesse Scroggins returning to the field highlighted the first practice on the new turf in Arizona Stadium

After missing the first two days of fall practice with a concussion, Junior QB Jesse Scroggins hit the practice field as a non-contact participant.

"Jesse did alright, he's still learning what's going on" said head coach Rich Rodriguez. "He's got the physical talent, I think his footwork was rushed a little bit just cuz he was excited to be out there."

On the QB battle, coach Rodriguez gave a little bit of a timeline on what's going to happen.

"They're all getting reps right now, and we'll take another week and a half and then we'll start pairing down. We can't give seven quarterbacks reps for three weeks. We'll pair it down by the end of next week."

Quarterbacks have been off limits to talk to so far this week though. "We've got so many of 'em I can't even talk to 'em all. It takes me a week to talk to all of them."

"I don't want to throw one out there and you guys assume that one's the guy, because I am being honest with you, I don't know who that guy is. Every day it changes."

Monday's practice was also the first time that the team had practiced in the revamped Arizona Stadium on the new turf. They were in there because Kindall Field is getting sod put down over the next week.

"It was good. The players probably like it because it's more of a confined space and they don't have to run as far. It worked out alright. I like practicing in the stadium on occasion just for an atmosphere standpoint and to change the look."

Rodriguez continued "I thought the playing surface was the same (as the regular FieldTurf fields)." Arizona's field has a cork mixture in it to keep it cooler than the regular FieldTurf fields.

Tevin Hood has been limited in practices so far. But there's an explanation for that as well. He has a little bit of tendinitis in his knee.

"Tevin is a go-hard guy all the time, so we'll limit him a little bit" Rodriguez explained.

On place kickers: "We have not done anything other than extra points really. Tomorrow we'll start kicking field goals, moving them around a little bit."

Rodriguez was also open to having one guy punt, one guy do extra points and field goals, and one guy do kickoffs.

Davonte' Neal's eligibility is still up in the air as well. The Wildcats were hoping to hear today if he would be eligible to play this year, but did not get any word from the NCAA.

The Cats are in Tucson Tuesday night and Wednesday morning before heading to Fort Huachuca for the rest of the week.

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