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Welcome Wildcat Fans

Welcome Wildcat fans to the unofficial University of Arizona Wildcat's blog. My name is Joe Newberry and I am a 2002 graduate of the University of Arizona. During my four years of college in Tucson I was truly dedicated to the Wildcats and always desired more information, more stats, and more fan involvement in all of the athletic teams. The purpose of this blog is to reach all Wildcat fans around the nation and world.

My hopes and wishes for this site are to bring together all Wildcats fans to discuss the progress of the athletics of the men and women from our university.  The site will be open to discussions, polls, stats, breakdowns, coaching strategy and recruiting. Any and all sports at University of Arizona are open for discussion.

Keep in mind that I am learning as I go on this new venture and will try to update the site as much as possible. Please pass the word along to any and all Wildcat alumni to check out the site and join in any discussions revolving around Wildcat sports.  I hope you enjoy the site and any feedback is appreciated.


Go Cats!