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Around the Pac-10

Team Record Week Ahead
1. Washington 6-1 @ U of A (Thursday) @ ASU (Saturday)
2. Arizona St. 5-2 Wash. St. (Thursday) Washington (Saturday)
3. California 5-2 @ UCLA (Thursday) @ USC (Saturday)
4. UCLA 5-2 California (Thursday) Stanford (Saturday)
5. USC 5-2 Stanford (Thursday) California (Saturday)
6. Stanford 4-3 @ USC (Thursday) @ UCLA (Saturday)
7. Washington St. 3-4 @ Arizona St. (Thursday) @ Arizona (Saturday)
8. Oregon St. 3-5 @ Oregon (Saturday)
9. Arizona 2-5 Washington (Thursday) Washington St. (Saturday)
10. Oregon 0-8 Oregon State (Saturday)



















Past Weekend Winners. Washington defeated USC last Thursday and UCLA at home on Saturday to lead them to the top of the Pac 10. The win against UCLA at home was dominating and establishes Washington as the team to beat. The Uwdawgpound breaks down their big win this weekend. Washington was down 39-38 at halftime and came back to put it on the Bruins.

Oregon State beat California on Thursday and Stanford on Saturday.  This brings Oregon State to 3-5 in Conference and they get two big wins on the road in the Pac 10, which is a great accomplishment.  They take on Cal State Bakersfield on Monday night in Bakersfield. Jake over at Building the Dam weighs in on how the Pac 10 is  now noticing Oregon State basketball. I think it's just because Craig Robinson is Obama's brother in law.

Past Weekend Losers. Washington State lost at home to UCLA on Thursday  and USC on Saturday. Nuss over at Cougcenter is wondering if they just blew their tourney  hopes. They are on the road against Arizona State and the Wildcats this weekend, which is going to be a tough road schedule for them.

Team With Most Favorable Schedule. The Pac 10 is kind of shaking out now that some key games have been played. This week's matchups don't really favor a clear cut sweep by anyone. If anyone has an easy schedule, it's got to be Oregon State playing against lowly 0-8 Oregon. Tough year in Eugene.  The guys over at Addicted to Quack continue to break down their Ducks and are impressed with the effort from their guys so far this year. With only 2 SR's on the squad, look for the Ducks to emerge next year with more experience and more wins.

Team With Least Favorable Schedule.  As I stated above, there is no clear cut schedule that would favor a sweep, but Stanford definitely has the hardest schedule this weekend traveling to Southern California to take on UCLA and USC. Stanford lost at Washington State and at Washington earlier in the year.

Game of the Week. Washington at Arizona State. Arizona State still boasts the league's premiere scoring player in James Harden who is currently averaging 22 points per game. The game on Saturday in Tempe is going to be huge, with the winner possibly sitting atop the Pac 10 standings after the weekend. Check in with House of Sparky for his update on the big game on Saturday.