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Quick Hits

Just have a few updates for this morning.


Arizona picked up another big recruit yesterday with a verbal commit from Dewayne Peace (South Grand Prairie, Texas).  He said that one of his main reasons for coming to Arizona was the opportunity to play for a program on the rise. He also attributed the move to the closeness with the coaching staff he felt. Sonny Dykes at offensive coordinator was another factor. Sonny Dykes was a former coach at Texas Tech and knows how to throw the ball. This will definitely help (obviously with Peace) with recruiting great WR's to Tucson. Peace is a three star commit. Arizona now has 22 commits for the 2009 class.


Adam Hall, the number three rated recruit in the state of Arizona, has set up a press conference for Friday, January 30, 2009.  Based on what this kid is saying, I am very confident that he is going to sign with Arizona in February. Adam's dad had this to say about the Arizona visit on Monday:

"It went really good," James Hall said. "They talked about a number of things. A lot of information was shared as far as how he can come in and impact either side of the ball. I'm really happy with what I heard."


Greg Hansen from breaks down why Pitino would be a great fit at Arizona. I personally think it is a longshot, but he would be a badass fit if he came.


C.W. at House of Sparky chats with Jeff Nusser from Cougcenter to discuss the state of the Washington State Cougars. Get ready Wildcats. They're going to be here soon. 


Hope this is enough to get you through the morning. I'll be back later to post the Washington Huskies preview.