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Arizona Basketball - It's All Relative

With the announcement that Dondre Wise, the brother of UA starting point guard Nic Wise, has received a scholarship and will be a member of the 2009/2010 Arizona Wildcats, it got me to thinking about other relative connections on the Arizona Basketball Team. I could only come up with four:

1. Damon & Salim Stoudamire (Cousins) are no doubt two of the deadliest shooters ever to step foot on McKale. Damon, who recently retired from the NBA, currently holds the Wildcat's record for more three pointers made (272), second in points (1,849) and fourth in assists (663). He was also the only player in Az history to record two 40-point games. Salim broke the individual three-point percentage record (shot 50.4% in 04-05) previously held by Steve Kerr. 

2. Matt Brase & Lute Olsen (Grandson/Grandfather) - half of this duo will forever be etched as one of the all-time Arizona greats. A's not Matt Brase. Still, combined they make for a great family story. 

3. Sean Miller/Archie Miller (Brothers) - without having played an actual game, these guys are on a recruiting tear and appear to be just what the doctor ordered for the Arizona sports program.

4. Nic Wise/Dondre Wise (Brothers) - only reason why they are fourth is because we have never seen Dondre play. Nic we know is a stud and hopefully some of those amazing PG genes have rubbed off.

So, did I miss anyone? Please chime in!