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Arizona vs. UCLA: The Week Ahead

Surprise, Surprise. My Comcast doesn't work and I can't see the game, again.  I'm going to have to get a better option next year.  Anyway, by this point we all realize how the Cats did (43-38) and Nick Foles was again incredible (40-51, 415 yds, 3 TD, 0 INT).  Grigsby had a nice return grabbing 89 yards on 7 carries (12.7 yard average) while Nwoko contributed 45 yards on 3 carries.  Juron Criner had a breakout game with 152 yards receiving on 12 catches. David Douglas (Foles' new favorite target) also chipped in 92 yards on 7 catches and had 2 TD's.  Terrell Turner had 102 yards receiving on 9 catches.

The defense was again porous, allowing Andrew Luck 423 yards through the air and 150 yards rushing by the Cardinal on 40 carries.  Gerhart did have 123 yards on the ground but had to grind it out on 28 carries.   Let's hope our D shows up better against UCLA.


Speaking of UCLA,  they come into this weekend winning their first three games and dropping their last three games.  Check out (The Bruins SB Nation site) for all of your catching up on the weekend game from the enemies' perspective.  They are 3-3 overall and 0-3 in the Pac-10.  Last week, they fell to California 45-26;  however, they got their QB Kevin Prince back after missing two games with a broken jaw.  UCLA has given up over 300 yards in the last three games against Stanford, Oregon, and Cal.  Their offense just can't seem to keep up with the amount of point their defense gives up. Problem: UCLA.

(Kevin Prince broke his jaw and has returned, already. Scary)


We'll dive into the pre-game later this week. For now, the Cats need to figure out how to play defense and how to throw against UCLA. I think the former is going to be harder than the latter.