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Arizona vs. Oregon Quick React

Well that was quite the heartbreaker. Regardless of the finish it was a thrilling and entertaining game to watch and no matter how sick the ending play made me, no one can say the Wildcats didn't play hard tonight. 

The Ducks came with an early lead and looked as though they could easily handle the Arizona offense. Compound that with a reaggravated shoulder injury for Nic Grigsby early and it looked like it was going be all Oregon; however, some halftime adjustments that leaned heavy on screen passes led to an offensive explosion. Foles was back in form tonight and finished with an impressive 65% completion percentage, 314 yards, 4 TDs and 1 INT. 

Kudos to Oregon for hanging in there until the very end of the game and rallying with a last second touchdown to send it into overtime. Arizona's defense was simply too porous today and couldn't match the Arizona offense. 464 yards of total offense for the Ducks is simply too much and they just couldn't manage to get the big stops in the end when they needed them. The Wildcats were smelling roses and it's obviously disappointing to all the fans to see the hopes go down in flames like this, but with Foles at the helm, the future is bright and a Rose Bowl is a legitimate hope for next season. Go Cats!