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Cardiac Cats: Arizona 41 vs. Oregon 44

Another week., another one slips away. What in the world is going on? Arizona fell to Oregon last night 44-41 in double overtime.  Arizona fought hard and claimed a 10 point lead with 13:44 left in the fourth.  The game looked like it was going to get out of hand early with Oregon taking a 14-0 lead.  Nick Foles threw 4 touchdowns on 30-46 passing and ended up with 314 yards on the night.  The game was fought hard but once again, the Cats couldn't close it out.  Another week, another disappointment.   When are we going to close one of these out?  The game was marred by this scene afterwards with fans throwing objects at the Oregon players and staff.  One cheerleader was hit in the head and had to be taken to the hospital after being struck in the head by a full water bottle. WTF is going on?  Someone please tell me this is not the student section?





The outcome was: Heartbreaking. When are these kids going to catch a break? Obviously Oregon played a hell of a game to come back and tie it up, only to go down by 7, and then to come back and tie it again.  A fumble, passes coming within inches of our defenders hands only to be TD's by Oregon, and a FG that hit the crossbar and went in.  You can't make this stuff up?  Washington = turfball. California = double forward pass. Oregon = Too many to list.

The Offensive Player of the Game: Nick Foles. Surprise, surprise.  This guy is awesome. 30-46 for 314 yards, 3TD, and 1 interception.  His line did a great job of protecting him and he spread his passes out to 11 different receivers.  Unbelievable and gritty performance by Nick.  Great protection last night by the line as well.

The Defensive Player of the Game: Devin Ross. Ross had 11 tackles on the night and broke up 2 passes.  Unfortunately, it's never a good thing when your secondary players are making the majority of your tackles.  Great job last night for Ross.

Questionable Call: 3-16 with 3:11 left in the 4th quarter and we throw it?  Seriously. Can someone please explain what Stoops and Dykes were thinking? We're up by 7. Oregon is down to 2 timeouts. We have it 3-11 from their 35 yard line and we get a false start.  Now, it's 3-16 from their 40. In my opinion, I think we should have run it and made Oregon burn a timeout.  Going for the TD and getting it intercepted? What was the point of that? Run it. Make them burn a timeout. Get Crier to punt it (he's good at punting less than 30 yards) and make Oregon go at least 80 yards with 1 timeout.  Terrible. Terrible. Terrible.

Party Foul: Arizona Fans. What the hell is going on in Tucson? The reports around the web are horrible and make us look like absolute crap. What a joke!  Arizona better get their act together or we will lose recruits if that is the kind of atmosphere in Tucson.

Anyone else think the call in the 4th quarter was bad?

We'll have some updates on where we think the Cats are going bowling this year.

Full Box Score.