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Nick Foles has "busted" hand

The news out of Tucson is that Nick Foles has a "banged up" hand. Saturday, Foles played with a glove on his left hand and his middle two fingers taped together splint-style. I doubt that Foles, or Stoops, are going to give the media any more information on the subject, but it does raise a few eyebrows. Granted, Foles played well enough Saturday, and his poor stat-line seemed more a result of ASU's tough defense, rather than his inadequacies. But, Saturday is another huge game to conclude a string of "huge games" and Foles will need to play extremely well for the Cats to outscore USC. The difference in a potential Holiday Bowl or Poinsettia Bowl bid depends on it.

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Foles' injury concerns me -- slightly. Call it a three on a scale of ten. If it was his throwing hand, I would be around an eleven. Do you think USC wants to lose a fourth conference game and drag its tail to the Poinsettia Bowl? Me neither. Foles' effectiveness will play a huge role in who wins Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.

I am more concerned with Grigsby sitting out -- again -- this Saturday. Take away Keola Antolin's 67 yard scamper on Saturday, and the rushing offense was atrocious. That will not cut it against USC. The rushing attack needs to produce to take some of the pressure off of Foles. This offense thrives on balance and the threat of run to open up passing lanes.

So, Cats fans, how concerned are you about Foles' injury? And what are your early thoughts on Saturday's game?