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Arizona Quick Hits: December 28, 2009

There is plenty to be excited about in the Wildcats Nation this week.  Here are just a few:

Arizona plans a new look for the Holiday bowl: White on white on white.  Wow. I don't know what to think.

Mark Stoops will coach the Wildcats for the final time in the Holiday Bowl before going to Florida State to become their defensive coordinator.  Stoops has done well for the Cats and leaves them in much better shape than when he arrived.

The Arizona offensive line is not intimidated by Ndamakuh Suh.  Here is what center Colin Baxter had to say:

"We're not intimidated at all. We respect what he can do. We know we have to be on top of our game. But I don't think they've really seen an offensive line like us."


The Cats put in a great workout on Sunday with the Coaches saying it was one of the best of the week. The Cats also visited the San Diego Zoo on Sunday.  How unique.


The Examiner has a bowl breakdown of their own checking out both teams in anticipation of the Holiday Bowl.

Some rooting for the Big Red want their freshman Cody Green to start because "The Holiday Bowl ultimately doesn't matter that much."  Wow.  They must really not know anything about recruiting.

In case you haven't heard, Mike Leach was suspended for the Alamo Bowl stemming from complaints filed by the family of Adam James (Craig James' son) about how the player was treated after a concussion.  If true, these would be despicable.  Let's hope Leach is cleared of this nonsense.

This is not the first time I have seen this article on the net this year.  Do you really think that Pelini would let the Huskers have a hangover from the Big XII championship?  I doubt it.  Besides, I don't want a sloppy Nebraska team.  I want to beat the team that played Texas a few weeks ago.