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Arizona Falls to UNLV 74-72

Arizona showed their age on Wednesday night, unable to go on any sort of run to put away UNLV in the second half.  The Cats fell to the Rebels 74-72 in a seesaw battle.  The Cats led 36-30 with 10:00 left in the 2nd half but were unable to hold on to the lead.  This loss, and the loss to Wisconsin, are eerily familiar.  The Cats seem to lose their energy midway through the 2nd half and have no real firepower to put anyone away. 

Derrick Williams continues to impress scoring 28 points on 10-15 shooting and hitting 8-12 from the FT line. He also chipped in 5 rebounds. Nic Wise was his old self as well scoring 19 points on 3-13 shooting but he was only 1-8 from beyond the arc.  Nic was 12-12 from the FT line.  Jamelle Horne had 4 pointsand 10 boards, Brendon Lavender had 5 points, Lamont Jones had 9 points and Kyrl Natyazhko had 7 points.

Next Up: @ Oklahoma on December 6, 2009.