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Troy has fallen; Arizona 21, USC 17

You can keep your plane reservations to San Diego, but you better change the dates, 'cause we're not celebrating no Poinsettia.  Arizona 21.  USC 17.

In any of the last nine seasons, Arizona's victory in Los Angeles would be of the shock-the-world variety.  But, this year USC just does not feel like USC does it?  In any case, last night was a huge victory for an upstart program, and a demoralizing loss for a juggernaut not used to December bowl games. 

This game sure takes a little bit of the sting away from those tough losses this year, doesn't it?

Gameballs this week

Nick Foles - battled hard through hand injury and an imposing USC defense to throw for 239 yards and two huge TDs.  Foles started to look a little rattled in the 3rd quarter, and had me worried.  Well, the 4th quarter and one game-winning 80 yard drive later, and I don't think any Cats fans are worried.  Keep it up Sunshine.

Team Defense - USC was held to 282 yards of total offense, and only 144 through the air.  Great game by the defense after getting carved up by Masoli and the Ducks a couple weeks ago. 

Juron Criner - The Catch of the Year (as far as Arizona fans are concerned).  Foles threw up a prayer and Criner answered. 

The bowl bids will be announced today, but all indications point to the Cats in the Holiday Bowl.  It feels pretty good to type that.

Go Cats!