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Team Record Week Ahead
1. UCLA 8-2 @ Arizona St. (Thursday) @ Arizona (Saturday)
2. Washington 8-3 Oregon St. (Thursday) Oregon (Saturday)
3. Arizona State 7-4 UCLA (Thursday) USC (Saturday)
4. California 7-4 Stanford (Saturday)
5. USC 6-4 @ Arizona (Thursday) @ Arizona St. (Saturday)
6. Arizona 6-5 USC (Thursday) UCLA (Saturday)
7. Stanford 4-7 Cal St. Bakersfield (Tuesday) @ California (Saturday)
8. Washington St. 4-7 Oregon (Thursday) Oregon St. (Saturday)
9. Oregon St. 4-7 @ Washington St. (Thursday) @ Washington (Saturday)
10. Oregon 0-10 @ Washington (Thursday) @ Washington St. (Saturday)


















Past Weekend Winners. Arizona, California, UCLA, Arizona State. All recorded sweeps this past week with UCLA winning big over USC and then showing the Big Ten that they are not worthy. Arizona and Arizona State took care of the Oregon schools while California took care of both Washington schools. 

Past Weekend Losers. Washington, Oregon, Oregon State. Wow. Oregon. Could go 0-18. Something has got to change in Eugene. They just can't seem to put it together. After Arizona took care of Oregon State on Thursday, Arizona State swooped in and won in a barnstormer 49-38. Yep. 38 points. Oregon State shot 32% and was 4-19 on three pointers. What happened to Washington? They were atop the Pac-10 just two weeks ago.

Team With Most Favorable Schedule. Washington gets both Oregon schools at home, who are in 9th and 10th place in the Pac-10.  The rest of the Pac-10 schedule should have some good battles.

Team With Least Favorable Schedule. Oregon. Groundhog day? What? Oregon every week? It's hard not to have the least favorable schedule when you are 0-10.  Runner up? USC. They have to travel to Tempe and Tucson to take on two tough home opponents this week.

Game of the Week. Gotta go with us. Arizona vs. UCLA. This one could jump our RPI up big time and catapult us into the tourney. I know we have to take care of USC on Thursday, but UCLA at home against a streaking Arizona team (hopefully 6 in a row by Saturday) could be a classic.