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Team Record Week Ahead
1. Washington 10-3  @UCLA (Thursday) @ USC (Saturday)

2. Arizona State

9-4 Arizona (Sunday)

3. California

8-4 @ Oregon (Thursday) @ Oregon St. (Saturday)


8-4 Washington (Thursday) Washington State (Saturday)
5. Arizona 8-5 Arizona State (Sunday)

6. USC

6-6 Washington State (Thursday) Washington (Saturday)

7. Washington St.

5-8 @USC (Thursday) @ UCLA (Saturday)

8. Oregon St.

5-8 Stanford (Thursday) California (Saturday)
9. Stanford 4-8 @ Oregon St. (Thursday) @ Oregon (Saturday)
10. Oregon 0-13 California (Thursday) Stanford (Saturday)


















Past Weekend Winners. Arizona, Arizona State, Washington. Washington continues to play solid, no nonsense, ass whipping basketball disposing of Oregon State by 19 and Oregon by 19 points. They sit atop the Pac-10 standings and have battles in L.A. this week. They definitely control their own destiny. Arizona and Arizona State also did themselves a favor by knocking off UCLA and USC. It was a great weekend in the desert. Check out houseofsparky for all of the Sun Devils happenings. 

Past Weekend Losers. Los Angeles (Schools that is), Oregon.  USC and UCLA had a rough trip to the desert this past week. UCLA was roughed up by Arizona State 74-67 last Thursday while the Cats pulled away, finally, by a score of 84-72. The Cats had an 18 point first half lead and surrendered a lot of that before taking it back slightly in the waning minutes. 

Oregon has quit playing basketball. They are 0-13.

Team With Most Favorable Schedule. This week's matchups don't play to anyone's favor. Washington must travel to L.A., Oregon State at home will be a challenge for Cal, and Arizona plays at Arizona State on Sunday. I am going to look at UCLA at home this week taking both games from the Washington schools. I'm sure that bruinsnation will prepare us all for what the tone will be like from Howland's squad this week.

Team With Least Favorable Schedule. Washington State playing UCLA and USC at their home courts. The Cougars already lost to both schools on their home floor earlier in the year, so a trip to Southern California to take on these schools (after being swept in the desert with revenge on their mind) does not bode well for the Huskies.

Game of the Week. Arizona vs. Arizona State. This may not have Pac-10 title implications, but this game is HUGE for both schools. As we all know here at Arizonadesertswarm, the Cats are as hot as can be right now. The Sun Devils aren't too bad either as both schools beat down UCLA and USC last week. Each gets a week to prepare, nurse any injuries they had, and try to come out swinging on Sunday. Let's hope that the refs let them play this time around. I am foreseeing a very physical game between Hill and Pendergraph with Wise and Harden trying their best to outdo the other. It's going to be a good one.