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Pac 10 Wrap

Team Record Week Ahead
1. UCLA 7-2 USC (Wednesday) Notre Dame (Saturday)
2. Washington 7-2 @ California (Thursday) @ Stanford (Saturday)
3. USC 6-3 @ UCLA (Wednesday)
4. Arizona State
5-4 @ Oregon (Thursday) @ Oregon State (Saturday)
5. California 5-4 Washington State (Thursday) Washington (Saturday)
6. Arizona 4-5 @ Oregon State (Thursday) @ Oregon
7. Washington St. 4-5 @ Stanford (Thursday) @ California (Saturday)
8. Oregon St. 4-5 Arizona (Thursday) Arizona State (Saturday)
9. Stanford 3-6 Washington (Thursday) Washington State (Saturday)
10. Oregon 0-9 Arizona State (Thursday) Arizona (Saturday)



















Past Weekend Winners. Arizona, UCLA and USC. All three schools managed to sweep their opponents last week with Arizona coming up with two wins over Washington and Washington State and UCLA beating California and destroying Stanford. USC also managed to beat Stanford by a hair and California by 11. UCLA is now tied with Washington atop the Pac 10 standings at 7-2. Wednesday's matchup between USC and UCLA is going to be a great battle in Southern California. I'm sure that Bruinsnation and Conquest Chronicles are ready for this one.

Past Weekend Losers. Bay Area, Oregon.  As mentioned above, California and Stanford both were swept last week by the Southern California schools. Both schools will play Washington and Washington State this week at home. California could put itself in great position with a sweep this week and Stanford, who already lost to both schools earlier in the year by one point each, is in a must win situation to keep their Pac 10 title hopes alive.

Team With Most Favorable Schedule.  California. The Golden Bears are playing at home this week against Washington and Washington State, two schools they have already beaten. This will be the second week in a row that the Washington schools have to travel after their Arizona trip. Maybe some fatigue? Who knows. I would look for California to sweep again this weekend and start making a move towards the top. Check in with Californiagoldenblogs to keep up with their week.

Team With Least Favorable Schedule.  Oregon. The reason Oregon has the most unfavorable schedule is not because they have to play Arizona State and Arizona but because they are Oregon. Sad, but true. Let's hope I don't have to eat my words later. As I said last week, Oregon has young talent and just need to come together and they will start putting up W's. Unfortunately, they have to try it against James Harden and Jordan Hill.

Game of the Week. USC @ UCLA. What a matchup. Both L.A. area schools looking to battle it out on Wednesday night no less. This has bragging rights, and title hopes written all over it. USC lost 64-60 earlier in the year to UCLA and have probably circled this one on their calendar since that time.