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Arizona vs Washington State Quick React

Arizona falls to Washington State 69-53.

Nic Wise had an incredible night tonight scoring 15 points in the first half leading the Cats to a 29-26 first half lead. Chase had 8 and Jordan had 6 in the first half as well. It was a crazy half with 7 Arizona turnover and 9 Washington State turnovers. The Cougars outrebounded us 20-13 in the first half as well, including 8 OFFENSIVE REBOUNDS! That is ridiculous.

The Cats let a 10 point lead slip away at the end of the half going on a 10-2 run.

The Cats came out S T R U G G L I N G in the 2nd half, falling behind by as far as 12. Meanwhile, Klay Thompson started lighting it up from outside and we fell even further behind as the 2nd half went on. We were down 50-39 with 8:57 left in the 2nd.  Taylor Rochestie scored 17 and Klay Thompson turned in 16. The Cougars were just too much for the Cats in the 2nd half. They outscored the Cats 43-24.

I'll touch on this later, but does anyone think that our guys may be a little tired? They play almost 40 minutes a game, with very little bench support. Nic, Jordan, and Chase all play their ass off every week.

More tomorrow.....I hate losing.