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Arizona vs. Washington Quick React

Once again, the 'Cats fall -- this time, to the Huskies, 83-78.

After going into the 2nd half up 36-32, the Wildcats were outscored, outrebounded, and outwhistled in the 2nd frame. I'm not nearly as frustrated with this loss as I was with the Wazzu foulup because Washington's a very good team -- and, as I pointed out in the GDT, at least we were able to screw ASU over a bit.

Nic Wise had foul trouble in the first half, and Jordan Hill sat with a bit of a twisted ankle during part of the second half, proving -- once again -- that we cannot win with our bench. Despite missing time, Hill still led the team with 25 points, and Chase had 20. 'Cats shot 47% from the floor today. Isaiah Thomas and Jon Brockman led the Huskies with 19 pts each.

Ugh.... Wildcats, STOP LOSING!! I'm going to have to consume some Mexican food before recapping this one. I'll be back later.