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Arizona Rooting Guide

So we lost against ASU.  We are hanging in the air, wondering what will happen on Sunday. What is a basketball fan to do?  Although it is going to be hard, my answer is to  root for our rival to absolutely smash USC in the championship game today.  What else is there to do? Our non-conference wins over Kansas and Gonzaga may take us into the dance, but our conference record is not good. Sure we beat Washington and UCLA, but what happened to them yesterday? They both lost, de-legitimizing our resume in conference play even further.  UCLA was atrocious against USC yesterday.

So, my theory, is to root for ASU and hope that their performance in the Pac-10 Tournament may linger on the minds of those choosing the fate of the Cats. A dominating performance by the Sun Devils could help the Wildcats losses to them be overlooked, partially.

Gag me, please.

At this point, I'll do anything to get into the tournament........