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Bumped From an E-mail

Hey Joe-

With the NCAA Tournament brackets now announced and Arizona heading to the Big Dance for the 25th straight year against Utah this Friday (love that Scrubs video), I wanted to remind you that Coke Zero is giving fans a chance to be in their new TV commercial airing before the championship game on April 6th. However, there still are no video or photo entries for the Wildcats on the "March Madabase" -- (there are for conference rivals like ASU and Cal). Again, here is an example of Cal fans:

All Arizona fans have to do to enter is upload their most passionate videos/photos supporting their team, and they could be featured in a national Coke Zero TV ad on college basketball's biggest night.

Head over to the official "Taste the Madness" site to submit entries and view videos/photos from colleges around the country:

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Matt Hirsch
360i on behalf of Coke Zero