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Last Chance to Sign Up for ESPN Challenge

We had over 240 hits on the site yesterday, a new record.  Thanks to everyone who has been reading up on the Cats and all the bracket news. The azdesertswarm bracket is still open until tip off of the first game this morning. If you haven't signed up, or are already playing ESPN, all you have to do is add your bracket to the azdesertswarm league. Here is the info for any late laggers. I am going to open up a thread this morning for all NCAA games and discussions of each. Feel free to stop in, comment on the games, and predict the rest of today and tomorrow.


Still plenty of time to sign up:

I have created a group for azdesertswarm only. If you would like to enter your bracket, go to:

Search for azdesertswarm

Password: budinger (all lower case)

Enter your bracket.

Winners get a nice big pat on the back.