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NCAA Open Thread For Thursday

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Here is the official thread for the NCAA games today. Feel free to talk about what's going on today in the NCAA and how your bracket is looking. My upset of the day: Western Kentucky. Did you know they beat Louisville earlier this year by 14 points by a score of 68-54. They aint scered...


12:25 PM ET (15) Cal State Northridge vs. (2) Memphis* CBS   Tickets
2:50 PM ET (16) Radford vs. (1) North Carolina* CBS   Tickets
9:40 PM ET (15) Binghamton vs. (2) Duke* CBS   Tickets
3:00 PM ET (16) Chattanooga vs. (1) Connecticut* CBS   Tickets
9:40 PM ET (15) Morgan State vs. (2) Oklahoma* CBS   Tickets
7:25 PM ET (13) Akron vs. (4) Gonzaga* CBS   Tickets
7:20 PM ET (14) American University vs. (3) Villanova* CBS   Tickets
5:00 PM ET (13) Mississippi State vs. (4) Washington* CBS   Tickets
9:50 PM ET (11) Virginia Commonwealth vs. (6) UCLA* CBS   Tickets
2:30 PM ET (12) Northern Iowa vs. (5) Purdue* CBS   Tickets
12:20 PM ET (9) Butler vs. (8) LSU* CBS   Tickets
7:10 PM ET (10) Michigan vs. (7) Clemson* CBS   Tickets
12:30 PM ET (9) Texas A&M vs. (8) Brigham Young* CBS   Tickets
2:55 PM ET (10) Maryland vs. (7) California* CBS   Tickets
7:10 PM ET (10) Minnesota vs. (7) Texas* CBS   Tickets
9:55 PM ET (12) Western Kentucky vs. (5) Illinois* CBS  


Good luck to everyone and their brackets!