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Where Do We Stand?

Sorry for the lack of posting this weekend. I went on a trip to Houston and had limited internet access.

What a disappointing road trip for the Cats. All of our weaknesses were exposed, and maybe our season caught up to our big three in the Washington State game. This leads us to our next question: Where do we stand in terms of making the tournament?

We are currently 18-11 with an RPI of 49. ESPN's Joe Lunardi has the Cats projected to be a 12 seed against Marquette in the West bracket. The good news for the Cats is that we get to play California and Stanford at home this week to finish out the regular season. Mark Slabach thinks that we need to win at least one of the games at home to "feel comfortable" on Selection Sunday. I think we can take anybody on our home court and think that 20 wins is not far off with home court advantage for the Cats. Cal is 10-6 in conference and boasts a 21-8 record for the year and Stanford is 5-11 in conference and is 16-11 overall. I think if the Cats can get back to Tucson, get some rest, and regroup, we could win out these games easily.

What do you think about our chances to make the Big Dance?