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Open Thread for All Games

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Here is a list of NCAA games for today. I have a number of upsets today including Arizona, Wisconsin, Utah State, USC, and Siena. Thoughts? The Arizona vs. Utah game thread will be posted an hour before game time so go there if you want to comment on the game, note here.

NCAA Tournament Games
7:10 PM ET (16) Morehead State vs. (1) Louisville* CBS   Tickets
2:55 PM ET (16) East Tennessee State vs. (1) Pittsburgh* CBS   Tickets
9:50 PM ET (15) Robert Morris vs. (2) Michigan State* CBS   Tickets
3:00 PM ET (14) Cornell vs. (3) Missouri* CBS   Tickets
9:40 PM ET (13) Cleveland State vs. (4) Wake Forest* CBS   Tickets
12:30 PM ET (14) North Dakota State vs. (3) Kansas* CBS   Tickets
12:15 PM ET (14) Stephen F. Austin vs. (3) Syracuse* CBS   Tickets
9:55 PM ET (12) Wisconsin vs. (5) Florida State* CBS   Tickets
2:45 PM ET (11) Temple vs. (6) Arizona State* CBS   Tickets
7:25 PM ET (13) Portland State vs. (4) Xavier* CBS   Tickets
12:30 PM ET (11) Utah State vs. (6) Marquette* CBS   Tickets
12:25 PM ET (9) Tennessee vs. (8) Oklahoma State* CBS   Tickets
3:00 PM ET (11) Dayton vs. (6) West Virginia* CBS   Tickets
7:10 PM ET (12) Arizona vs. (5) Utah* CBS   Tickets
7:20 PM ET (10) USC vs. (7) Boston College* CBS   Tickets
9:40 PM ET (9) Siena vs. (8) Ohio State* CBS   Tickets


Also, don't forget about this little gem:

Watch the game LIVE