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Last Minute Stats & Observations

Teams from the state of Utah are 0-2 in the tournament after BYU fell to Texas A&M and Utah State fell to Marquette.

The Mountain West Conference is 0-1 in the tournament as it is only represented by BYU and Utah.

The Pac-10 is 2-1 after wins from UCLA and Washington, and a loss from California.

Utah played 7 different tournament teams (Morgan State, California, Oklahoma, Utah State, BYU, Gonzaga and LSU) during the regular season. Those teams are 3-4.

Arizona played 8 different tournament teams (Texas A&M, Gonzaga, Kansas, USC, UCLA, Arizona St., California and Washington) during the regular season. Those teams are 5-1 with games yet to finish from USC and Arizona St. 

According to's rankings of fan picks, Arizona fans are doing 7th best out of the 65 teams and Utah fans are doing 57th best.