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Quick Hits - Cinderella Edition

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Sorry about the lack of content today, both myself and Joe have been pretty busy as of late. If anyone would like to vocalize an opinion or have an idea for good story, post it in a fanpost and if it's good enough, we'll put it on the front page. 

Now for a look around the web at the latest stories about the Wildcats:

  Dunlap has no regrets turning down the Arizona coaching job

  Don't be fooled by the 12 seed, Arizona is no cinderella

  Reasons why fans should root for the Wildcats or against them

  The NY Times wont label the Cats as a Cinderella

  Ranking the remaining midwest teams

  Deep tournament run has put the Arizona coaching hunt on hold

  Russ Pennell provides the best story from a coach in the tournament

  The Wildcats' championship chances/odds

  Join live online chats with the staff of about the Wildcats on Wednesday and Friday

  Nic Wise is ranked as the 9th best point guard in the Sweet 16. Snub anyone?

  Cinderella or just the person missing a shoe?

  If the Wildcats win it all, Russ Pennell should get the coaching job

  Livengood is excited to stay as the athletic director for Arizona