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Arizona vs. Louisville Quick React

Final - 3.27.2009 1 2 Total
Arizona Wildcats 28 36 64
Louisville Cardinals 49 54 103

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Oh no! 39 point loss. Are you kidding me? Arizona fell into the worst case scenario that could have fell upon them in this matchup. Of the big three, Jordan Hill was off. Our offensive rebounding was gone. Budinger was the only one who could get anything going. The season is not a complete loss. Congrats to the Cats for making the Sweet 16. Not even half of America thought that could have happened.

I am sure the critics will come out of the woodwork tomorrow talking about how we were "lucky" to be in the Tournament, and even "luckier" to beat Utah and then draw Cleveland State. What do I have to say to that? Did Vegas think that Arizona was going to win against Utah? I don't care what any pundits, ESPN analysts, blogger, or sports reporter claims about the Arizona Utah matchup. If VEGAS thinks your going to lose, and you win, by 13 points, that's an upset. That is not luck. Cleveland State? Ask Wake Forest what they thought about them. I'm pretty sure Wake Forest was picked to win by 8.5, and they got thrashed as well.

I am proud of the run our Cats made this year. I wish this game would not have been so lopsided, but Arizona has had a hell of a season.