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Arizona vs. California Quick React

Well the 'Cats managed to squander another halftime lead in this one to lose their 4th game in a row. 

In the second half, Arizona turned the ball over 6 times compared to the Golden Bears' 0 turnovers. The story of the 2nd half wasn't the turnovers, it was Jerome Randle's three point shooting. He finished the game with 31 points, 8-11 from beyond the arch, 6-7 in the 2nd half alone. The Bears lived up to their three point shooting hype as they added another 8 threes to Randle's total to finish 16-30. 

The Wildcats are in desperate need for a win now and after Stanford's 10 point win over Arizona State, it will be an extremely important game no doubt. On the bright side, Jordan Hill's ankle seemed very solid as he finished with 24 points and 14 rebounds with 0 minutes on the bench. Yes that's right, the injured guy on the team was the only person to play all 40 minutes.

Well, I'll probably be seeing Randle nailing deep threes in my sleep tonight and the only cure for that is a win on Saturday.