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Arizona Tries To Change It Up, Falls 5-4

Props to coach Lopez for putting in starter Joe Allison to take on the Cougars on Saturday. Our pitchers need a serious wake up call and this kind of movement was needed.  Unfortunately, Allison gave up three solo home runs, back to back to back. Uh oh. Oh well, I'd rather coach try to mix it up than let Bandilla or Veltmann come in and do their usual.  Unfortunately, the Cats were never able to overcome the first inning pounding, ultimately falling 5-4.

Jett Bandy came through again, going 1-3 and knocking in his 3rd RBI in 2 days. Bobby Coyle was 2-5 with an RBI and a run. Hunter Pace was 0-3, bringing his series total to 0-6 against the Cougars.  The Wildcats will try to avoid the sweep tomorrow by putting Kyle Simon on the mound.

Next Up: Arizona vs. Washington State
Sunday, April 19

Noon(1290 A.M.)

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