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Arizona Courting Sean Miller

Arizona's newest target in the coaching search is Sean Miller from Xavier.  He has led the Musketeers to the NCAA Tournament four years in a row, including an Elite 8 appearance two years ago and a  Sweet 16 Berth this year.  Miller currently earns $1M/yer with Xavier. If Arizona is really wanting to lock this guy up, I could envision a contract in the range of $1.75 - $2.25M per year for Miller. His upside potential is great and he would be a good fit for the Cats.

He is a young guy, 40, who can recruit well and knows how to work with the strenghts of his talent.  Being only 40, he could create his own legacy at Arizona and have more years to grow and settle into the position to start gaining a solid footing in recruiting the Pac-10 talent.

Word on the street is that Miller and Livengood have been in contact. Miller may have a vacation planned with his family this week, starting tomorrow.  If he comes to Tucson instead, we'll know how serious he is about this job.  Don't you just love the rumor mill?


[Note by joenewby4040, 04/05/09 11:05 AM MST ] According to Fox Sports, Livengood is going to meet Sean Miller today in Albuquerque, New Mexico. What's up with that? Can't  the private plane fly another 40 minutes to Tucson? Thanks for the link Galando.