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Nic Wise To Return for his Senior Season


Arizona's starting point guard from the 2008-2009 campaign announced that he plans on returning to Arizona for one last season via Twitter on Saturday afternoon. The last remaining player from the vaunted 3 headed monster, Wise will be the leader of the Wildcats in their first year under Sean Miller. Near 1:00 PM PST, on Wise's Twitter feed he broke the news to the nation with a short:


Guess the NBA's gotta wait.....


This is obvious good news for the Cats as it was looking as though there could be a huge turnover without any senior leadership. Nic Wise can provide stability for the program during Sean Miller's first season and may also open the door for Miller to aggressively pursue so-called "risky" recruits such as Lance Stephenson. Without the stable, senior leadership of someone like Wise, Miller would be forced to avoid anyone that could be a distraction, but with Wise now on the team Stephenson could be an option.