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Recruiting Spotlight: Sione Tuihalamaka



Name:  Sione Tuihalamaka

Position: Defensive Tackle

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 275

Speed: 5.0

High School:  Hawthorne, California (Serra H.S.)

Rivals: Three out of five stars.

Recruited By: Mike Tuiasosopo




Sione comes to Arizona and follows the footsteps of his brother, Apiata and his cousin, Vuna.  Please don't ask me to spell their last names more than once in a story. They all have the same one. (See title).  Sione enters his freshman year physically built for a college level defensive tackle at 6'2" and 275 lbs.  I hope to see him start fall camp a little heavier and with some more strength.  Here is what Scouts, Inc. has to say about him.  Usually, Scouts, Inc. includes some negative aspects of each player in their writeup, but I will give you the full version for Sione here and you can tell me what you think:

Tuihalamaka on film looks to be a thickly built kid. On paper he has adequate size, but should be able to add more good bulk to help him in the trenches. He will flash good quickness off the ball, but needs to be more consistent. When he explodes on the snap he can get into a blocker and knock him back. Does a good job of using his hands and can create some separation. Does an adequate job of shedding. Not a guy that gets a lot of quick penetration, but will flash the ability to get to half-a-man and get into the gap. Is a physical player at the point of attack. Does a good job of being able to hold his ground versus single and double team blocks. Needs to watch his pad level, but displays good raw strength. He has a solid motor and will pursue to the ball. He is a solid tackler. In pass rush situations he can get some push and will flash the ability to work a quick move. Faces a lot of double teams and does a solid job of being active. Needs to work on developing pass rush moves as he can get caught head up a blocker. Tuihalamaka is not a very flashy player, but can be a solid presence inside especially against the run. May not make a lot of plays, but if he can add some good size and be consistent in his quickness can be a solid defensive tackle at the college level at least as a wave player.



His only weakness is being a freshman, being 275 lbs, and playing behind standout Earl Mitchell.


Look for Sione to get some reps early and often in the U of A scheme. Fellow recruit, Jonathan Hollins, and Sione will battle for playing time this year.  Sione should be a solid stop gap for our big fellas during long winded offensive series by our opponents.  Sione, with his size and quickness, could also be a viable option to rush the passer on third and long, when we are in a situation that does not involve the necessity of plugging big holes on the line.