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Recruiting Spotlight: Justin Washington


Name:  Justin Washington

Position:  Defensive Tackle

Height:  6'2''

Weight:  275 lbs.

Speed:  4.9 seconds

High School: Cypress Woods HS (Texas)

Rating: 2 stars (Rivals)

Recruited by: Dana Dimel


Washington enters fall camp projected to contribute as a defensive tackle, but may have the versatility to play defensive end as well. 



If he plays defensive tackle, Washington will need to add size.  These days in the Pac-10, 275 lbs. will not be enough to battle in the trenches with 300+ lbs. offensive lineman. 


Washington joins an already very crowded Arizona defensive line.  At 275 lbs. he will need to get stronger and heavier.  But, the stacked depth chart above him may be a blessing in disguise.  There will be no pressure this season come in and carry the load on the defensive line.  Washington will have time to learn the system, get stronger and adjust to college football before being counted on to be a star. 

If Washington does crack the defensive line rotation, that's great news for Wildcat fans, because he will have to put on one hell of a show for Arizona coaches to take playing time away from the veteran returning players.