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Quick Hits August 11, 2009

25 days until kickoff Wildcat fans. That's only three more Arizona-football-free weekends. Start getting your tailgate plans in order .

Here are your quick links for today:

Fifth-year senior Donald Horton switched to defensive end from defensive tackle this offseason. Horton no longer has to over-indulge to try and pack on the pounds and stay at a reasonable weight for defensive tackles. Sorry Losbetos. Now, at a svelte 270 lbs., Horton can focus on using his agility and strength to bolster an already stacked Arizona defensive line.

ASU unveiled its new home football jersey. Blech. Ugly as ever. As long as we are talking uniforms, Arizona switched the paint on its helmets from a flat navy to a metallic navy. Looks good, but now the helmet sitting on my mantle is outdated.

Nic Grigsby's absence yesterday classified as "personal," not medical. Audio from Stoops, Devin Ross, Nick Foles, and Matt Scott found here as well.

Some early bowl predictions for the Pac-10.

Arizona is installed as a 13 point favorite over Central Michigan.

Speaking of helmets, I always loved the white helmets, and still am not on board with the navy ones. What do you all think?