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If the Underdog Shoe Fits

Well, we won't have to deal with any Sports Illustrated jinx this year. 

SI released its rankings of all 120 FBS college football teams.  Arizona checked in at number 70.  Only Washington and Washington State were ranked lower than the Cats. 

Normally, these rankings mean nothing to me.  Pre-season rankings are essentially a regurgitation of last year's final poll, with a little adjustment.  Ranking all 120 teams is also no easy task, and none of it matters once the games start.  Also, it was have expected for all the national publications to be down on Arizona this year.  Tuitama, Thomas and Britton are all gone. 

But, really?  Below ASU, UCLA, and Stanford?  What about BYU, who Arizona dismantled in the Las Vegas Bowl last season?  They came in at 22. 

Cue every underdogs favorite cliche: that's why they play the games. 

Bear Down.