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Quick Hits August 14, 2009

All the Wildcat news we could round up before the second cup of coffee.  Enjoy Cats fans. 

  Rob Gronkowski left Fort Huachuca Thursday and returned to Tucson to undergo tests on a leg injury.  Not exactly a good way to start the morning.  I think I may need to make that coffee a little more Irish. 

  The Wildcats practiced in the pouring rain Thursday at Fort Huachuca.  The second annual trip to the army installation has become a favorite among the players, and members of the Army stationed there.  The practice itself was a little sloppy, even if the players enjoyed the change in the weather. 

More quick hits after the jump!

  Anthony Gimino, of, posted an Arizona football offensive All-Decade team.  I have a gut feeling John Mackovic will not be tabbed as the head coach for the All-Decade team.  Just a hunch. 

  The International Olympic Committee ruled voted to keep baseball and softball out of the 2016 Olympic Games.  The Committee did, however, advance a sport called "sevens" to a final-round vote in October.  Sevens?  Apparently it is a faster version of rugby.  Oooohhh, that makes sense.  Sevens is clearly an Olympic sport. Good call, IOC.