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Quick Hits August 21, 2009

  Neither Arizona quarterback has stepped up and grabbed the reins in this position battle.  Not exactly breaking news.  The Star's Greg Hansen makes an excellent point at the end of the article, regarding Matt Scott's apparent slight lead in the battle.  Despite Matt Scott holding the mobility advantage, Scott has the eligibility advantage as well.  Scott still has a redshirt year available, and could transfer away from UA without losing eligibility.  Foles, however does not have that luxury, having already used his transfer year. 

  New running backs and tight ends coach Seth Littrell has brought a new focus on physicality to the Cats.  Littrell (as well as Arizona Desert Swarm) is very high on running back Greg Nwoko.  Also, for what it's worth, Littrell is not worried about Gronkowski's availability this season.

More quick hits after the jump!

  Guard Vaughn Dotsy returned to practice Thursday, after recovering from a broken right index finger.  Guard Vaughn Dotsy left practice Thursday with an apparent injury to his left hand.  Bummer.  The end of training camp, and the beginning of regular season practice preparation looms.

  Mike Stoops is fired up that seemingly everyone is down on Arizona this year.  Stoops finally turned down the temperature of that hot seat he resided on last season, with an 8 win year, and a most important bowl victory.  He is big on the team's depth, and thinks the linebackers and defensive linemen will be a big strength for the team.  And no, Stoops is not worried about who will play quarterback, or how well they will perform. 

  The Wildcat Sports Report breaks down every game for the Cats this season.  This is a pretty good breakdown, albeit very positive, of the season.  For some reason, I am less worried about Cal/Oregon/USC, than I am of UCLA/Stanford/Arizona State.  It seems in the Stoops era, the team will get up for big games. But, every year, they seem to drop a stinker against a team they should have hammered (remember New Mexico and Stanford?).  Hopefully this is the year the Cats take care of all the Pac-10 teams they should beat. 

  Arizona will not pick up a win against Memphis from the  2007-2008 men's basketball season.  Memphis' victories from that season are vacated, not forfeited.