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Quick Hits August 24, 2009


  Mike Diaz and Brooks Reed have battled each other throughout training camp.  Both credit the other for improved play, and high intensity practices.  This practice field match up is exactly what Diaz needed.  Diaz switched to left tackle this year, from guard.  His job is to protect the Arizona quarterback's blind-side.  Who better to practice against, and develop big-time left tackle skills than Brooks Reed?


  No quarterback decision has been made Nick Foles seriously outplayed Matt Scott Saturday night in a scrimmage at Arizona Stadium.  Scott, unfortunately, was the recipient of multiple dropped passes.  But, besides the disparity in stats of the two players (Foles: 11/16 104 yards, TD; Scott: 9/19 85 yards), one quote by wide receiver Terrell Turner bothered me the most:  ""(Scott's) still got to work on his composure as a quarterback," Turner said. "If he's out there yelling and screaming at those guys, that's going to do nothing. You just have to pull that aside … tap them on the butt and say, 'Let's go. We need you the next play.' "  Maybe Matt Scott should worry less about yelling at his receivers for dropped balls, and more about leading this team. 

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  Trevin Wade is ready to step this season as a full-time starter, opposite Devin Ross at cornerback.  Wade's play will go a long way in determining how strong the Cats defense will be this year.  Teams around the Pac-10 will respect Devin Ross' skill and experience.  Wade is going to see the ball thrown his direction early and often.  If Wade can hold his own, and prevent offenses from slicing our secondary open, Arizona's team defense has the opportunity to be very strong.