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Quick Hits August 25, 2009


  It is becoming clear that Stoops and Co. are not going to name a starting quarterback before the season starts.  "We're comfortable with saying it's very likely we could see both quarterbacks in that game," Stoops said.  Well, great.  Neither quarterback has played well enough to take over the job.  Stoops and Dykes will likely shuffle them in the first game -- or beyond.  If Matt Scott does not win the job, do not be shocked if he decides to transfer.  Ladies and Gentlemen, your 2009 Arizona Wildcats!

  Adam Hall and Jake Fischer have impressed coaches this summer, and are both expected to contribute this season as true freshmen.  Unfortunately, Trevor Erno has not been as impressive as Hall and Fischer, and will likely redshirt this season.  In other player news, former UA football recruit Ryan Milus has been released from his commitment to Arizona and has signed with Arizona State so he can pursue a track and field career.  From the good news department, Rob Gronkowski and Delashaun Dean may be back in practice this week.

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  Greg Hansen of the Arizona Daily Star is all for Stoops not naming a starting quarterback.  Agree to disagree, Greg.  Matt Scott and Nick Foles are so dissimilar in style that it will absolutely be an adjustment for the entire offense to go back and forth between the two.  Central Michigan is no push-over, and week three the team travels to Iowa.  There is no time for an extended position battle.

  Ted Miller of ranked the Pac-10 receiver units.  Arizona is #2 behind USC.  The Wildcats' unit does  not have the national recruiting swagger that U$C has.  By the end of the year I am willing to wager that, as a unit, the Arizona receivers will out-produce USC's. 

  Five freshmen could see playing time this season.  Besides super-recruit Adam Hall, I am most excited for H-Back Taimi Tutogi.  That kid looks like he could be a monster.