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Quick Hits August 26, 2009

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Ten days Wildcat fans.  Look for The Official Arizona Desert Swarm Season Preview soon. 

  Hey, some basketball news! Sean Miller and staff are using the limited time allowed by the NCAA during the fall to get to know the players and implement Miller's system.  Also, a couple of former Cats and Devils have organized an Alumni Classic game.  Nothing to do this Sunday?  Go check it out and tell us how it went.

  No starting quarterback? No problem, apparently.  The Cats have shored up potential weak spots at three key positions.  Robert Golden has emerged as the starting strong safety, after a position change this off-season.  Mike Diaz has switched from guard to left tackle seamlessly, and freshman Jake Fischer and junior C.J. Parish played well enough in training camp to provide quality depth at linebacker this fall.  My favorite of the bunch: Golden.  I cannot wait to see this kid lineup at safety.  And, remember, he's only a sophomore.

  Ted Miller of ranked the Pac-10 quarterbacks.  Clearly, Arizona is not going to be near the top of this list with such uncertainty surrounding the position.  One gripe: lower than ASU?  I'll take Foles or Scott over anyone the scummies are trotting out this year.

  USA Today looks at the "golden years" of all the BCS schools.  Arizona "traditionally mediocre?"  Ouch.  Who reads USA Today anyway?

  One Arizona blog makes its pitch for Matt Scott.  Two weeks ago, I was totally on that bandwagon.  Now, not so much.  Between Terrell Turner's comments about Scott yelling at his receivers, and Foles outplaying him as of late, I'm pulling a Stoops.  I like Scott's running ability, but he has done nothing to pull himself away from Foles.  And it seems we moved the ball pretty well with a strictly pocket quarterback last year.  I do not envy the decision Stoops and Dykes have to make.