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Quick Hits August 27, 2009

  Old man Adam Grant is finally ready to contribute this season at right tackle.  Grant, a fifth-year senior, shed some weight in the off-season and has become the unofficial leader of the offensive line.

  Ted Miller, of, ranked the Pac-10 tight ends.  Arizona is right where they should be, sitting at number two, below UCLA....wait, what?!?  Number two?  Big Gronk is the best tight end in the nation, and A.J. Simmons is a very polished backup.  Yes, Gronk has been slowed by injuries through training camp.  But, he will be back. 

More quick hits after the jump!

  Video of Mike Stoops and Brooks Reed discussing Central Michigan after practice yesterday, from Wildcat Sports Report.

  Point Guard U ranks the incoming Pac-10 football recruiting classes.  Arizona's recruiting class largely underwhelmed in the media.  The only big name was Adam Hall.  Check back in four years though.  Rating a recruiting class before any of the players has taken any snaps is backwards.  Obviously, if you have a "top-25" recruiting class, you have signed some of the best prospects in your region, and the nation.  But, some 5 star recruits never develop, and hidden gems blossom every season.

  The Wildcat takes on the Matt Scott vs. Nick Foles debate.  Solid arguments.  The season kicks off in nine days, however.  An actual decision needs to be made.  This is ridiculous.

  The Wildcat also interviewed Delashaun Dean.  Boy, I cannot wait until he is back at full speed.  Both quarterbacks will need him.