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Quick Hits August 28, 2009

   Senior Chris Gronkowski, and freshman Taimi Tutogi are very unique -- they are the only two H-Backs on the entire Arizona roster.  The pair have bonded throughout training camp.  This bodes well for Arizona.  Chris Gronkowski graduates this spring, and Tutogi will be the lone heir to the H-Back throne. 


  The official depth chart has been released!  The starting quarterback is...Matt Scot OR Nick Foles.  Blech.

More quick hits after the jump.

  Ted Miller of, ranked the Pac-10 offensive lines.  Arizona at number three.  It's nice to be good at things.  One head coach ago, ranking our offensive line in the top five would have been a gift.  Now, it's one of our strong suits.  Stoops > Mackovic.

  Someone in the Pac-10 named their starting quarterback.  U$C named freshman Matt Barkley starting quarterback against San Jose State.  That's true freshman Matt Barkley. 

  Arizona's kicking game is in trouble -- legacy notwithstanding.  There has got to be some kid walking around campus in Tucson who can nail a 45 yarder.  It seems like a kabillion people grew up playing soccer.  There's not a single guy walking around campus who can kick field goals?  Someone, anyone, run out to practice and start drilling them through the uprights.

  It's red-shirt season for this year's incoming freshmen football class.