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Quick Hits August 31, 2009

Game Week.  I feel like a kid on December 20 trembling with the anticipation of Christmas.  Keep yourself busy this week, Cats fans.  In five short days, the 2009 football season finally kicks off.  Go Cats!

  The Arizona Daily-Star unveiled its 2009 college football preview.  Three main concerns loom as the Cats prepare for Central Michigan, and the start of the season, this week.

  Fifteen years ago the Arizona Wildcats began the season ranked #1 by Sports Illustrated.  The Star looks at the similarities between the '94 cats and the '09 Cats. Yeah, except for that whole "ranked #1 thing."

More quick hits after the jump!


  The Wildcats are extremely deep this year.  Possibly, more so than any other year under Stoops.  This team may not have the star power of season's past, but it has the ability to go three-deep at many positions.  The team also features some new players and coaches, ready to make an impact this season.

  Ryan Finley, of the Star, published his Top 25.  Florida was a gutsy pick at #1.

  Big Gronk is a Threat this season.  Agreed, if he is healthy.  This is a big week for the prospects of the 2009 Arizona Football team.  Gronk has yet to participate fully in a practice.  His back is not better.  This may be some posturing by Stoops so that Central Michigan has trouble preparing for an offense with or without Gronk.  But, we are coming down to it.  We need Gronk back.  Get healthy big guy.

  The conference of quarterbacks?  Not this year.  Watch the ground-attack take over the Pac-10 this season. 

  Bruce Pascoe, of the Star, sat down with Nic Wise and discussed the upcoming basketball season and his decision to come back for his senior year at Arizona.